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Our RetailDe Extase roots its philosophy from the word ‘Ecstasy’, it signifies extreme-ness & lust in all its manifestations and workmanship towards delivering Exciting designs to evoke your senses. Since its inception as a brand for the generation of spirited youth, promises to offering Premium products which Reflects their attitudes and dreams.

De Extase being the off shoot of Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd., follows its predecessor by imbibing its quality and workmanship. It is in constant effort in delivering design superiority over the current market trends by an uncanny approach in portraying Ecstatic Fashion and Youthful Attitude through its design. 
RETAIL PERSPECTIVE - DE EXTASEAarvee introduced its urban clothing line through its premium Brand “De Extase”. De Extase focuses on youth fashion. Every season De Extase launches more than 200 new styles. The brand today is retailed Through EBO & MBO stores across India & few overseas markets.

De Extase is poised to be the next leading brand in their Segment, in size, brand appeal and in?uence in the market. The Company has an in-house design team, merchandisers, sampling unit and an independent in-house production facility which enables it to Launch new collections very frequently.
THE BRAND PERSONALITYIs a transparent, positive pro-active and motivated organization open to de?ning goals and allowing to be measured. De Extase merchandise is a re?ection of today’s youth and his independent. 

De Extase is at the forefront of fashion and is committed to providing trendy clothing for the youth suited for every season. The entire range has been designed to bring the De Extase element of fantasy. Unique value proposition for the customer is premium thinking. 

BRAND VISION“Being outside oneself” by the youth, De Extase strives constantly to provide excitement to the brand in terms of creative merchandise and Brand philosophy De Extase believes in trendy western wear for youth across all products categories using innovative Fabric, international styling and perfect ?ts. 
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